Arrow Academy of Music

Studio Policy

To help you best manage your own schedule and your child’s involvement in our program we will provide you with the tools you need for your child’s group lessons, in person or online. This includes… practice instructions, recordings for practice, free Learning Labs, evaluations, awards, incentives, at home learning manipulatives for kinesthetic learning, parent information, teacher support, and fun performances.

Parent Connection

Families starting lessons at Arrow Academy for the first time will be required to attend a Parent Connection meeting to learn about the resources and tools available to help their student succeed.


If your student is in first grade or younger, please plan to sit with them during lessons.


Students are expected to complete assignments on their practice sheets.  Students are required to have an instrument at home for practice.  Parents are asked to sign each practice sheet as a witness to their student’s fulfillment of their practicing goal.

Metronomes Are Required

Each family must have a working metronome at home for practice.  Most electronic keyboards have one, or you can use the application Tempo from Frozen Ape on your smartphone or tablet.

Missed Lesson

We take the possibility of a teacher illness or inclement weather into consideration in creating our calendar; there are extra weeks built into the schedule each session to allow for canceled classes.  If a class is canceled, students are to continue to practice their current practice sheet and the next number lesson will be taught the following week.  Lessons will continue in order.  Students who miss a lesson can schedule a learning lab, request a video to cover missed content, and begin work on the next practice sheet.  


If for any reason you need to stop lessons at our studio, notify us in writing at least 2 weeks prior to your next tuition payment.  Material fees and prepaid tuition are non-refundable.