Arrow Academy Of Music

Music Studio located in Urbandale, Iowa

Arrow Academy Of Music

Music Studio located in Urbandale, Iowa

We create musicians

In-Person or Online Group Lessons for Kids

Piano or Guitar

Registration is open for music classes. Lessons start at the beginning of January 2023 and end in July 2023. You can provide your child a life filled with the joy of music!
Students playing guitar and piano with music note graphics

Piano or Guitar Group Lessons for Kids

In-Person or Online classes

To help you best manage your own schedule and your child’s involvement in our program we will provide you with the tools you need for your child’s group lessons, in person or online. This includes… practice instructions, recordings for practice, free Learning Labs, evaluations, awards, incentives, at-home learning manipulatives for kinesthetic learning, parent information, teacher support, and fun performances.
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Piano Classes

Arrow Academy will help your child to discover their individual talents and to encourage the love of playing piano for life.
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Guitar Classes

Learn to play guitar with Arrow Academy of Music. Group lessons designed for kids to learn chords and read notes.