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School Year Piano Lessons

(for beginner and experienced piano students)

Our unique group piano lessons will be offered both in-person and online starting in August!  Select the best piano lessons for your student as both options use the same materials, cover the same curriculum, and offer interactive group lessons.

School Year Session - August-May
  • Ages: 1st Grade and up (or Kindergarten students with approval)
  • Skill Level: Great for beginners and students with previous lessons


Group piano lessons are conducted in 55-minute weekly LIVE online or in person sessions and arranged at a time that fits your and other families’ schedules.  Students receive weekly practice sheets with specific tasks to accomplish, generally taking 15 minutes a day at home on their own, increasing to up to 30 minutes as they achieve a higher skill level.

Cost: $135 for materials due at registration (non-refundable) plus tuition of $115 per month, August – May.

Tuition includes:

  • 32 weekly lessons
  • 4 performance opportunities (may be virtual)
    • Fall Concert
    • Christmas Concert
    • Arrow Fest Ensemble Concert
    • Spring Concert
    • Optional: National Piano Guild Audition
Features of Online Lessons
Live Classes: Students interact with teachers and other students via Zoom.  Students show their weekly practice sheet, review theory, and participate in games and activities to aid in learning.

Small Groups: There is an Arrow staff member for every 3-4 students, so students still receive individual attention.

Interactive: Students receive feedback immediately and learning is guided by their teacher.

Recordings and Replays: We provide video and/or audio recordings of songs and scales for students to play with for practice.  We also offer replays of lessons so students who miss can view the lesson, and students can re-watch a lesson for a refresher on a particular concept.

Learning Kit: Students receives an Arrow Learning Kit, filled with their music books, practice sheets, flash cards, and fun musical aids to help them learn.

Learning Labs: These are 15-20 minute individual sessions with an Arrow staff member, either in person (following CDC guidelines), or online.  These FREE sessions are scheduled outside of class time for students to work on specific concepts, skills, or songs.


School Year 2021-2022 Registration is Open!


Steps to Success


Students progress incrementally from beginner to advanced.

Piano Lessons for Kids: At Arrow Academy of Music your young musician will develop a lifelong love of music in a creative way that makes music lessons fun and rewarding!

  • Small groups according to age and skill level
  • Weekly 55 minute lessons with a comprehensive approach
  • Beginners focus on note reading, playing by ear, and music theory
  • Older students also learn improvisation and creating their own music
  • Unique activities include performances, incentives, awards, and recognition
Spring Session - January-July
  • Ages: 1st Grade and up
  • Skill Level: For beginners only


Group piano lessons are conducted in 55-minute weekly lessons. One class time will be arranged for January-May, then another time is arranged for June and July.  Students receive weekly practice sheets with specific tasks to accomplish, generally taking 15 minutes a day at home on their own, increasing to up to 30 minutes as they achieve a higher skill level.

Cost: To be determined.

Session Includes:

  • 25 weekly online lessons
  • 2 performances (may be virtual)
    • ArrowFest Ensemble Concert
    • Spring Concert


Arrow Academy Interest Form

Straight Shot Session: June-August
Course Duration: Approximately June – August with one performance included.

Group Classes: LIVE online classes, 55 minutes, on Mondays and Thursdays

Class Time: Arranged with your schedule along with other families in the group. Once class time is confirmed, it stays the same throughout the duration of the course.

Performances: One end of session concert for families and friends.

Grade: 1st and up for beginners, 3rd grade and up for current Arrow students.

Skill Level: Beginners or students with previous lessons

Home Practice Commitment: 10 to 20-minute sessions two times each day, incrementally increasing with each higher skill level.

Cost: $675 due at the time of registration.  ($620 tuition & $55 materials).  Non-refundable.



Piano Progress

It takes time and effort to learn an instrument!  Watch two of our students, Kaleb and Kaelyn advanced from beginners to the final levels of instruction.

Enrichment Courses

Sharpening Skills for the Summer

(for Current Arrow Students)

Prepare to engage your student in music this summer and watch them become a Mighty Musician! Every choice has flexible scheduling, so you don’t have to miss vacations or summer camps.

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