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Why Arrow Works!


Discover the Benefits of Our Group Music Lessons for Kids

How it Works

At Arrow Academy of Music, your young musician will develop a lifelong love of music in a creative group setting that makes music lessons fun and rewarding! Here’s how group lessons can help your child discover the magic of music:

  • Your child will be placed in a small group according to age and skill level. This team of students will learn together in weekly 55-minute lessons.
  • Each child has their own instrument during lessons – learning along with other students.
  • Your child will learn note reading, playing by ear, playing in front of others, and music theory right from the start through fun games, activities, and performances.
  • Students like the music they play and feel motivated to practice.
  • Playing in front of peers develops confidence!
  • Middle and high school students advance their learning with improvisation, creating their own music, and playing “popular” songs they know, all while being with like-minded friends.

Our students are leaders in music at their schools.  Group lessons of this kind are only found at Arrow Academy of Music, making this a particularly unique opportunity to give your child!

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Best Music schools in Des Moines
Best Music schools in Des Moines
Best Music schools in Des Moines
Best Music schools in Des Moines
Best Music schools in Des Moines
Best Music schools in Des Moines

Is Your Child Ready?

You know piano lessons are smart for kids, but how do you know the best age to begin?
Children develop at different ages and different stages.  For decades, we’ve helped parents save time and money by recognizing their child’s readiness, so their first piano lessons are exciting and fun.
Let us help you, too. Click below to receive “How To Know Your Child Is Ready for Piano Lessons” absolutely free. As a bonus, we’ll include “How To Interview A Piano Teacher.”
With this free information, when it’s the right time for YOUR child to begin piano lessons, you’ll be ready too!

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Special Events

ArrowFest 2021

In March, we were thrilled to bring small groups of students together in person, joined by a few online students, all playing one ensemble piece together!  It was unlike any other event we have hosted, and we could not be more proud of our well-prepared students & the results of these unique performances.