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Since 2010 Arrow Academy has introduced
hundreds of students to the joy of music!

We get it.
We’re parents too.

We know what it feels like to be overwhelmed when searching for piano lessons for your child. Lessons that will meet both your child’s needs and your own needs as a parent.

If you’re like us, you just want what’s best for your child. You’ve likely wondered if the piano lessons you are looking for even exist? Lessons that will teach your child the basic music skills they need to play the piano. Lessons that will keep them engaged and prevent them from becoming frustrated, bored, and eventually losing interest. We know you just want to be a good and responsible parent that provides your child with the  learning opportunities they need to become healthy and thriving adults.

At Arrow Academy Of Music, We get it. We understand the importance and trust that parents place into our hands to train your child and help them discover who they will become tomorrow.

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Since 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to find the music lessons they need so their children can learn to play an instrument.

As parents ourselves, we became frustrated when searching for a music curriculum to teach our own children the art of music. Lessons that would include all of the needed technique, theory, composition, improv, and independence required as a player, while also making it engaging and fun for their age. Since we are both trained educators ourselves, we decided parents and children deserved better and set out to change they way music could be taught. It’s then the group music lessons at Arrow Academy Of Music were born, finally putting an end to the boring, uncomfortable, and unproductive music lessons of the past.

Because our teaching method began from wanting to be good parents first, we are committed to helping you become the parent you want to be as well, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

The process is simple –

Step 1 – Enroll Your Child

    • Whether your child is a new, transfer or current Arrow Academy student, your first step to providing them with a life filled with music is to fill out the enrollment form to begin.

Step 2 – Receive Your Lesson Schedule

  • Based on their readiness and experience, your child will be placed with students of similar skill levels and ages during lessons scheduled around your *preferred times. Making it easy and seamless to join in on the fun.

*If enrolled before August 1, 2021

Step 3 – Your Child Will Learn To Play Their Instrument

    • You will have fulfilled your desire to be a good and responsible parent. And will enjoy seeing and hearing your child’s life filled with the benefits that music education can bring.

Once you Enroll Now, you’ll have taken the first step to become the parent you want to be.

We believe this time for learning in your child’s life is critical, so you should expect and deserve to see (and hear) results. Your child can learn to play their instrument now, while they are young, so they can live a life filled with music and the joy that music education can bring.

Enroll Now so we can get started.

Meet The Arrow Academy Team

Kevin Bellile
Kevin Bellile – Owner/Teacher

A natural coach, Kevin loves encouraging young people to be the best they can be. Kevin has taught music for more than 30 years. He learned piano at a young age and then added guitar. Kevin honed his musical craft in Los Angeles at the Dick Grove School of Music, which helped to launch his writing, arranging, sound production and performance profession. Kevin grew up in the Des Moines area and received a degree from Concordia University, Seward NE, in Education with a Director of Christian Education endorsement. He has been a full-time music teacher, music minister, youth minister and part-time coach.

Kevin produced and arranged “Hymns of Grace” a CD and music book set for churches to play traditional hymns in a contemporary way. He also founded, wrote songs for, performed with, and managed a band that toured in several states. Kevin and Kellee have two wonderful children.

Kevin’s passion is to instill a love of music to students, so they are not only able to play with excellence, but they are also able to play with passion in their hearts.

Kellee Bellile
Kellee Bellile – Owner/Teacher

Kellee has taught music for more than 30 years, groups and individuals, in many different settings. She loves children and young adults, and her passion is to teach students to perform AND love music through movement, rhythm instruments, games and fun songs. Determined not to follow the status quo, Kellee is constantly researching how to best teach and inspire musicians to be all they can be by training both their note reading and creative skills. What that means for the students is that they will be trained to not only play classical music fluently, but to also feel comfortable leading a band, playing with chords and lead sheets, and improvising.

She graduated from Concordia University in Seward, NE with a degree in Elementary Education, majoring in music. Kellee studied jazz piano at the acclaimed Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles and has toured with a Christian rock band in several states. She has been a full-time music minister for 11 years, directing adult and children’s choirs, worship teams, orchestras and ensembles from two to more than 100 participants.

Karissa Bellile
Karissa Bellile – Teacher

Being Kevin and Kellee’s daughter, Karissa has been immersed in music since before she could walk and talk!  She has been playing piano and drums since she was a child and played snare on the Valley High School drumline and Iowa State University’s Goove – ISU’s winter drum line.

Karissa started as an assistant at Arrow Academy when the studio opened in 2010 and is a very natural, gifted teacher.  She always finds ways to keep her piano and drum students engaged and excited to learn their instrument.

Kennoniah Bellile – Teacher, Videographer, Producer

Online and Nashville Satellite

Kennon is Kevin and Kellee’s son and has been working at the studio since the beginning – first as an assistant, and later as a teacher.  His musical talent is undeniable, as is his skill as an instructor.  Being a young musician himself, he always finds ways to connect to his students and help them through the hurdles that come with learning an instrument.  Kennon teaches both piano and guitar.
Kennon also frequently serves as the in-house photographer and videographer and has written, directed, and produced numerous videos for Arrow, even while he is away at school!  Kennon attends college in Nashville, and we’re thrilled to have him working from the Nashville satellite.

Kaleb Clarke – Teacher

Online and Nashville Satellite

Kaleb has been playing piano for over a decade, and has been working at Arrow for the majority of those 10 years!  Kaleb completed both the piano and advanced piano programs at Arrow, and is currently studying Music Production while attending college in Nashville, TN.  Kaleb also plays numerous other instruments, including violin, drums, and guitar.  Kaleb enjoys teaching others about the piano, and helping them overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.  Kaleb is currently working from the Nashville satellite.


Emma Ksiazak – Teacher

Despite being the most recent addition to the Arrow Team, Emma’s talent of teaching piano is impressive! Her pursuit of a Music Education degree at Drake University has enhanced her ability to share her love of music with her students in exciting and creative ways each class!

Aviana Gedler – Teacher

Aviana is an emerging vocalist, songwriter, violist, pianist, bassist and arranger that recently completed her first year of studies at the School for Music Vocations at SWCC. She learned piano at a young age from her mother and continued to play piano in middle school jazz band.  In high school, she played in band, orchestra, sang in choir, and was also selected to participate in each of these fields for the All State Music Festival, earning the placement of first chair violist her senior year.

Currently, she studies vigorously at the School for Music Vocations, studying both classical and jazz piano along with other instruments, and performs as a violist, and a vocalist while continuing to write and perform her own music.  Aviana enjoys sharing her love of music with others, especially young students first learning an instrument.  Aside from music, Aviana also enjoys eating food and petting her cats!

Morgan Brown – Teacher

Morgan, a graduate of Arrow Academy, returns this summer to delight her students with joy and enthusiasm. Coupled with her piano expertise, Morgan enjoys helping students progress in a fun and creative way.  Morgan is pursuing her degree at Iowa State University. 

Melissa Pettigrew – Special Events/Website

Melissa loved music from a young age.  She received professional piano instruction for seven years and has gained over 25 years of music experience via playing for community senior centers, leading and participating in various faith-based bands, composing her own music, and mentoring others in music.  While she did continue to study music via a few college courses, she received her degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Northern Iowa and enjoys working in technology. Melissa feels that her creative mind, nurtured through music, has helped her succeed in the technology field.

She has always enjoyed helping others learn and develop their creative side and is very excited to share her love of music with the awesome students at Arrow Academy of Music.

Sara Rauen – Administrator

Sara Rauen handles much of the administrative responsibilities at the studio.  She communicates with families, creates class schedules, and helps to organize concerts and special events.

Sara and her husband, Matt, have three daughters who all take piano lessons at Arrow Academy.  Sara is a stay-at-home mother who likes to volunteer, travel, and you can most likely find her driving to and from her daughters’ activities.

Sara Shepherd – Administrator

Sara Shepherd is an administrator for the studio.  She handles a wide array of tasks including managing assistants, organizing studio events, coordinating student recognition, producing online learning kits, and stocking the studio incentive store.

Sara is a stay at home mother of three energetic children.  When she is not busy teaching her children and playing chauffeur, she loves to watch movies with her husband and spend time on their boat.

Ann Drummond – Graphic Designer/Social Media

Ann Drummond completes much of the graphic design work at the studio – announcements, posters, banners, marketing materials, and even games!  She also creates content for Arrow’s Facebook and Instragram.

Ann and her husband, Matt, have two sons who take lessons at Arrow.  Ann is a stay at home mom who enjoys volunteer work, travel, and camping.

Anelise Gebard – Teacher Support

Anelise was one of the early graduates from Arrow’s piano program.  For many years, she worked as an assistant in our classrooms, helping students learn to love piano with her positive attitude and fun personality.  She then began teaching classes online during the pandemic, and her students thrived!  Currently studying both music and education in college, Anelise continues to serve Arrow students well with her amazing musical and teaching talents.  She also contributes a great deal to the administration team by completing special projects throughout the year.

Darryl Pettigrew – Information Technology

Darryl has been in IT for over 10 years with experience in hardware, networking, web and media. He was happy to join the Arrow team back in 2018 to initially revamp the website in order to support online registration and better promote all the wonderful things happening at Arrow! He continues to assist with Arrow’s website, registration, and other media needs.  When he’s not being techy, you’ll find him enjoying time with his family or in a kitchen cooking up some tasty culinary cuisine.

…and our amazing Musician Assistants

Arrow Academy FAQ

Do you offer individual lessons?

Because we believe our group lesson format is most beneficial, we do not offer individual lessons. This allows us to focus and specialize, enabling us to offer the best experience possible for our students and families.

What do you teach and is it only for beginners?

Our curriculum is extremely thorough and comfortably paced, so students experience consistent progress. We believe learning to read music AND learning to play by ear are skills necessary for a musician so we start beginners with them both, right from the start. Students learn a song in their very first lesson! At the end of the incremental progression of our lessons from elementary to upper levels to advanced, students graduate from our program able to test out of their first year of college theory. They can perform classical repertoire suitable for a college audition, and have the skills to lead and play in a band – a rock band or a jazz band, being able to read and create lead sheets, and improvise too.

How will I know if the class will fit my schedule?

We take special care to ensure a class time is built around the schedule you provide at registration. You will have an opportunity to confirm your class time before the session begins.

If registration is A few weeks before the session begins, we will exchange the registration form for a wait list. This is because we want to be sure there is a class available that fits your schedule before you register, as registration is non-refundable.

How much will my child need to practice?

Beginners will need to practice about 10 – 15 minutes per day, for 6 days a week. As the lessons increase in difficulty each year, the amount of time will increase and be dependent on each child’s level of progress. 

What if my child wants to quit?

Usually children want to quit when they are feeling incapable, unaccepted, or hopelessly behind. We work with students and parents to have measurable goals, as well as help if there’s trouble reaching those goals using our free Learning Labs for one-on-one additional help, or our Practice Pals program which helps students stay on track. Teachers are very aware of students’ progress and involvement, and will be proactive to address and solve any issues before students feel like quitting. 

    That being said, if for any reason you and your child want to quit lessons, let us know in writing within 2 weeks of the end of the month, and you will no longer be charged moving forward.

How much are lessons?

Tuition covers 32 lessons and 4 concert experiences. Pro-rated for an equal amount each month from August 1 through May 1, students are guaranteed those lessons and concerts, regardless of the number of lessons in any particular month.  In-person student monthly tuition is $135.  Online student monthly tuition is $115.  There is a one time registration and material fee for all students of $145.

What does the material fee cover?

Materials fees cover music books, solos, ensembles,  practice sheets, game pieces, study cards, specialized music whiteboards and other tangible materials in our Learning Kit. Material fees also cover awards, shopping rewards, and concerts (we never charge admission for parents). Due to the expense and commitment of materials for our students, material fees are non-refundable.

How do I pay?

We use TeacherZone for our registration, class purchases and lesson management. Your account is created during the registration process. All Arrow Academy lessons are purchased within the TeacherZone system. 

Registration and Material Fees are paid at time of registration.    

Tuition is collected in 1 of 3 ways, which you select when you register. Students receive their materials once tuition arrangements have been completed.

  1. Monthly:

            Monthly Credit card payments have a 3.7% fee for each transaction. ACH payments do not have an additional fee.

2. Full Year Tuition

            Tuition can be paid in full for the School Year Session and the Spring Sessions. There is a $20 discount for tuition paid in full. Full year tuition is non-refundable.

3. Summer Tuition

            Tuition for the Summer Session is paid in full upon registration and is non-refundable.

What if my child misses a lesson?

Online and hybrid classes will have replays of each lesson available. Learning Labs can be scheduled to help online or in person students learn what was missed. We do not offer make-up lessons.

What if the teacher misses a lesson?

We take the possibility of a teacher illness into consideration in our calendar. If a teacher cancels a class, students are to continue to practice what was on their practice sheet and the next number lesson will be taught the following week. For example, if lesson 10 is missed, students will practice the material of lesson 9 until the following week, when lesson 10 material will be taught. Therefore, lessons continue in order, ending a week later than originally scheduled.

Will my student need a piano at home?

Yes, definitely. Home practice is absolutely necessary for success in music. We can help you choose a good one for your child that fits your budget.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes, we offer $6 off per student per month for families of 3 or more.

Can my children take a lesson together and only pay one tuition?

No, each child needs their own materials as well as individual attention.


What do I need for online lessons?

Your child will need a device that will accommodate Zoom, and an internet connection. They will also need a second device (a smart phone, iPad, or tablet) to access their practice materials.



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