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Group Music Classes For Kids

At Arrow Academy of Music, we decided parents and children deserved better and set out to change the way music could be taught. It was then the group music lessons at Arrow Academy of Music were born, finally putting an end to the boring, uncomfortable, and unproductive music lessons of the past – preparing students to be well-trained, complete musicians who will love playing their instrument.

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What is Arrow Academy of Music?

Our curriculum and teaching method is designed to be uniquely successful in helping our students stick with music longer and learn more from it, and foster a deep love of music from the very start.

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Engaging Lessons

We’re learning together and performing together, encouraging each other along the way.  We train for performances like athletes train for games.  Lessons provide structure, motivation, and activities with friendly competition.
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Group Setting

Group lessons have a lot of benefits, just like group sports. There’s a community with small class sizes, friendly competition, and incentive (don’t mess up in front of your friends!).
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Register for Spring

Our next session starts in January 2023. Register before December 15th and receive $10 off for each student. 

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Fun Games

Games are a huge part of what we do. We use fun hands-on games that always incorporate a new concept that we’re learning, including our “amazing music races”! Students earn recognition and rewards with points to spend in our incentive store.
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Rewards For Practice

The student checks off the days that they practice and they receive reward points to be used in our store to buy things like candy, toys, and gift cards based on the amount of days they practice.

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Deep Friendships

Music lessons can help children form genuine friendships with like-minded kids by letting them play and grow together. 


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Classes start at the beginning of January 2023 and end in July 2023

In-Person: $140/mo | Online: $120/mo | $109 one-time registration and material fee