Students are expected to practice 6 times a week, possibly doubling up practice times if a day has been missed. A completed practice is when all instructions for that day have been fulfilled. Therefore, practice sessions are not timed – students may need more time at the beginning of the week than at the end. The goal is to accomplish the tasks assigned. Parents are asked to sign each week’s practice sheet as witness to their child’s fulfillment of their practicing goal. Parents, please be around the house when your student practices, and spend some time looking over their practicing. They should be practicing without headphones on. Having you involved will encourage your student, and keep them accountable. It will also keep you informed as to how they are doing. Students who have practiced 6 days will receive rewards to spend at the studio store. Students who practice 6 days each week for the entire session, will receive special recognition at the end of the session (students may miss one practice and still receive recognition). Students must turn in their practice sheet no more than 2 weeks after the original due date to earn recognition.  Students who complete the practice sheet at least 28 times during the year will also be honored for their efforts at the end of the year.  Students who perform all the extra credit options are also recognized at the conclusion of the session.



A regular practice time each day is very helpful for every student. Home incentives also help motivate students! If your student is unsure about what to practice, or is becoming frustrated and does not want to practice, please contact us immediately so we can help. Sometimes an answer over the phone can make all the difference! Please still plan to attend lessons, even if it has been a difficult practice week. We will take care not to embarrass your student.


If your student starts to fall behind in class, we will contact you and discuss some options. Sometimes it’s simply a need to be re-motivated for practicing. Other times, a class change is appropriate. Communication between teacher and parent is vital. Please let us know whenever you have any concerns.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to make-up missed lessons. Usually one missed lesson here or there will not affect a student’s performance. Students have all their practice sheets at the beginning of the session, so students who miss lessons can still continue to practice for the next lesson. Parents may also schedule a 20 minute individual Learning Lab, either online or in person, to meet with one of our exceptional assistants who will help students catch up, or teach any new concept that may have been missed by an absence. These labs are free of charge.  Online students will also have access to lesson plays, so they may view a recording of a missed lesson.




Sometimes an entire class must be canceled due to illness or weather. In those cases, you will be contacted via email, text, and/or telephone. There are extra weeks built into the schedule  each session to allow for canceled classes.  If needed, classes will be extended into the summer to ensure that each class has 32 lessons (25 lessons for Spring Term students & 20 lessons for Straight Shot students).


A healthy studio is a happy studio! Students will be asked to wash their hands with a sanitary wipe each time they enter. Please be considerate of others and keep your student home if they are not feeling well and have fever, cough, or are contagious in any way. Thank you!


We will have treats and candy at our studio. We try to stock our incentive store with other things, like toys/games/puzzles, etc. as we also care about your child’s health! If your student has a severe allergy we need to be aware of, please let us know.



Students may shop at our studio store whenever they like. Students will be given a punch card, on which we will keep track of the number of rewards he/she earns each week. The number of punches will be the amount available to spend. Punch cards will be kept at the studio.  For online students, teachers will keep track of their punches, and students will receive a punch card to keep at home so they can track their punches as well (the teacher will have the “official” tally).  Online students can either shop at the store during regular studio hours if local, or purchase Amazon gift cards with their punches.


Parents are always welcome in lessons. Parents of students needing extra support, or of students in Kindergarten or 1st grade, are required to attend each lesson with their student. This is so that the parent is well informed as to the material presented, and therefore able to function as a coach during practice times at home.


All school year session students have an opportunity to perform at four different events during the year: Fall and Spring Solo Performances, Christmas Performances, and ArrowFest Ensemble Concert in the spring. Concert information will be communicated studio-wide well in advance of the performance.  Online students will have opportunities to participate in virtual performances.

In order to provide vital studio information, practice recordings, lesson replays, and important links, each family will need a Dropbox account.  Dropbox is free and available across all platforms. You can download the app on your smartphone or tablet, or access the website on your computer, and students and parents can both have accounts.  Dropbox folders are shared by instrument and instruction level at the beginning of the session.



Each family is responsible for having a working metronome at home for practicing. Most electronic keyboards already have one on board. If you prefer to use your smartphone or tablet, there’s a good application called Tempo from Frozen Ape that you can download.


Lessons are scheduled based upon ability, age, and availability. Once registration closes, we work with families to coordinate an agreeable lesson time that works for everyone involved. We appreciate communication of all possible availability to help us achieve this specialized service for our families.


Summer enrichment courses are available to enhance students’ musical experiences in a fun way, and are encouraged to maintain or even improve student’s valuable skills attained during the year. It is possible to advance through an entire year’s curriculum with STRAIGHT SHOT. Individual lessons are also offered in the summer to help ensure continued progress.  Summer course information is communicated in the spring. 


A one-time non-refundable materials fee is due upon registration and covers everything your student will need for the entire year, including all music, incentives, learning materials, and concert fees. School Year session  tuition covers classes August through May. Spring Session tuition covers classes January through July. Summer programs are paid in full at registration. Lessons are pro-rated for a consistent payment, no matter how many lessons are in a particular month, or if your child has attended every lesson. Tuition may be paid in full, by semester, or by recurring monthly payment arranged through Arrow with your credit card or bank.


If for any reason you need to stop lessons at our studio, please notify us in writing.  Materials fees and prepaid tuition are non-refundable.