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A Top 3 Rated Music School Accreditations


To cultivate an atmosphere of encouragement and enjoyment for students in preschool through high school to learn music, primarily through small group instruction.


To cultivate an atmosphere of encouragement and enjoyment for students in preschool through high school to learn music, primarily through small group instruction.

Arrow Academy’s CORE VALUES


We deliver the promises we make to each other and to our customers and vendors.


We communicate clearly and thoroughly. We tell the truth and do not misrepresent any terms and conditions. 


We treat each other with respect, kindness and work towards common goals.


Our teachers are skilled instructors and teach with Arrow Academy’s proven curriculum and lesson plans.


We love teaching music to kids because it brings all of us joy, enhances creativity and improves cognitive ability.


We make good decisions in regards to our time management and work ethic in an efficient and caring way.

Why Teach with Arrow Academy of Music?

Hiring Now

Part-Time Group Piano Instructor

Job Summary:

Arrow Academy of Music is seeking a part time piano instructor (up to 20 hours a week) who is friendly, confident, and dependable. The instructor will be responsible for teaching small group piano lessons (in person and online) to students from Grades 1 – Grades 5.
Must show compassion and patience while teaching in a professional and enthusiastic manner.

Arrow Academy’s Instructors will:

  • Develop a stronger love of music in their students
  • Train students to perform in our events with confidence and eagerness
  • Maintain a culture of kindness toward students and families
  • Use our proven group lesson curriculum
  • Evaluate and encourage students for consistent progress
  • Work together as a vital member with the whole Arrow team
  • Teach students to read music notes and rhythm
  • Use our proprietary chording curriculum to teach students to play in a band
  • Train students to play by ear and improvise using techniques within the curriculum
  • Teach students to understand music theory and how to compose
  • Play an 88 key, fully weighted digital studio piano for recording and use of many instrument sounds

Arrow Academy’s Instructors do this by:

  • Loving music and having a burning desire for continuous learning. (Maintain professional competence and continued professional growth.)
  • Instructing music following a proprietary and well-organized lesson plan in a 55-minute group class. (General musicianship, teaching fundamentals – scales and chords, music theory, ear training, instrumental technique and interpretation, and an educational activity.)
  • Preparing students for multiple performances throughout the year that are fun and enjoyable for all. (Three solo concerts and one ensemble concert.)
  • Keeping students accountable for lesson preparation and incremental goals. (Evaluate student’s growth and communicate with students, parents, and studio directors about lessons and progress in a timely manner.)
  • Establishing a classroom culture of fun, encouragement, and support. (Teach both in person and online and lead teen assistants assigned to your classroom.)
  • Incentivizing excellence through awards, and a reward system the students love. (Earn credits to shop at our store.) 
  • Maintaining a positive & enthusiastic attitude and work in a team environment with other instructors and staff. (Participate in monthly teacher planning sessions.)
  • Representing Arrow Academy in the community with professionalism and enthusiasm. (Adhere to our core values and health and safety standards.)
  • Keeping political and social agendas outside of the studio. (It’s all about the kids and music!)

Requirements to be an Arrow Academy Instructor:

  • Willingness to learn to teach piano in a group setting.
  • The ability to create positive rapport with students.
  • A high level of personal musicianship and piano competence.
  • Ability to communicate instrumental techniques and concepts to students
  • Relevant teaching experience.
  • Personable, collaborative nature and ability to work with administration and families.
  • Willingness to substitute for other instructors as needed and schedule allows.
  • Due to the proprietary nature of our lesson plans, we ask our teachers to sign a non-compete contract before hiring.

Preferred but not required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with major or minor in music or working toward degree
  • 2 + years teaching experience with piano

Arrow Academy’s Responsibilities:

  • Arrow Academy of Music will provide teachers with training and any necessary materials and equipment.
  • Classes will be formed and scheduled by Arrow Academy according to teacher availability. Lesson times are consistent and do not change once established.
  • All publicity, performances, studio administration, student incentives, billing, and collection will be handled by Arrow Academy.
  • Pay is by each class taught. Incremental raises upon review. Payroll is once a month.


$25-$35 per class depending on your experience and Teacher Tier for which you qualify (Tiers are based on education and expertise).

Working Conditions / Physical Requirements:

  • Piano classroom setting. Standing/Walking 80%. Sitting and moving from student to student 20%
  • Moderate to moderately-high noise levels from class piano playing