Beginner Piano Online Group Lessons
For Ages 6-8

Say goodbye to the
boring and unproductive
In-person lessons of the past.

Learning Online YOUR CHILD WILL...

Want to come back week after week.



Make friends and have fun while learning.



Learn to play and actually get really good!



Your child will love to learn!

Group Beginner Piano Lessons
Taught Online For $115 Per Month!



All Course Materials Shipped To Your Home

Plus, online Learning Labs, Practice Recordings, and more!


(32) 55-Minute Lessons Taught Online

Online classes taught through the school-year, August – May.


Four Performance Opportunities

Spring, Fall & Christmas Concerts, plus Arrow Fest Ensemble Concert.

Beginner Piano Group Lessons

You want your child to learn piano, but…


You first have to find a good piano teacher near you.


You're concerned your child isn't ready for piano lessons.


You're fearful they will just get bored and lose interest.


You're unsure if lessons will work within your busy schedule.


You want lessons that will be the best for your child.

Finding beginner piano lessons that will meet the needs for both you and your child
can make you feel overwhelmed, stressed and hesitant even to give lessons a try.

We get it.

Yes, you want to be a good and responsible parent. Someone who provides opportunities for your child to grow during this critical time for learning, ages 6-8 in their young life. You know that if they can learn to play the piano now while they’re young, they’ll possess a skill that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. 

But does it have to be so difficult? So straining to your daily schedule, to your family, or to your life?

We make it easy to enroll your child!



Share your name and email on the form below.



Click Submit and you will be directed to the Arrow Academy Enrollment Forms Page.



Fill out and submit the online form that best fits your child’s needs and make your initial deposit.

Online Group Lessons Provide Benefits
Our Parents Couldn’t Dream Of.

Individual attention and encouragement.

Individual attention and encouragement.

No need to worry if your child will get “lost in the crowd.” We teach basic concepts through group learning, but each child also receives personal attention and encouragment to help motive them to learn and increase their skill level.

Arrow's Group Lessons Are Fun.

Arrow's Group Lessons Are Fun.

Arrow’s group lessons provide a fun and friend-filled environment designed to help your child thrive as they make new friends while learning basic music principles and skills.


Work Within Your Busy Schedule

Work Within Your Busy Schedule

Once your child is enrolled we take into account the schedule of both you and your child to set a lesson plan that will work within your busy life.

Offered Online!

Imagine the same friend-filled fun of Arrow’s in-person group lessons delivered online to the safety of your own home. No worry about virus and germs, no commute, and best of all no endless waiting for your child’s lessons to finish. If you are struggling to find lessons that meet your needs locally or for the busy parent on the go, our online group lessons have been designed for you!

We’re committed to helping you succeed!

We understand the stress felt when adding piano lessons and the time required to an already busy schedule. We want your child to succeed, but we want you to as well! It’s why we are committed to offering you helpful tools and information to help you both succeed, such as daily practice instructions, recordings and videos for practice, lesson replays, and free Learning Labs for when life gets busy and a lesson gets missed. These items and much, much more are all part of our commitment to you, the parent.

New Students Save $10! 

You can provide your child with

a life filled with the joy of music for only $115 per month.

Enroll your child before August 1, 2021 and SAVE $10.

School Year Lessons Details & Information
  • Ages: 1st Grade and up (or Kindergarten students with approval)
  • Skill Level: Great for beginners and students with previous lessons


Group piano lessons are conducted in 55-minute weekly LIVE online or in person sessions and arranged at a time that fits your and other families’ schedules.  Students receive weekly practice sheets with specific tasks to accomplish, generally taking 15 minutes a day at home on their own, increasing to up to 30 minutes as they achieve a higher skill level.

Cost: $135 for materials due at registration (non-refundable) plus tuition of $115 per month, August – May.

Tuition includes:

  • 32 weekly lessons
  • 4 performance opportunities (may be virtual)
    • Fall Concert
    • Christmas Concert
    • Arrow Fest Ensemble Concert
    • Spring Concert

See Why Arrow’s Group Lessons Are Superior To The Traditional One-On-One Lessons Of The Past.

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If you’re like Kevin and Kellee Belille and tired of the same ol’ boring, unproductive and uncomfortable piano lessons of the past, the group lessons offered at Arrow Academy Of Music, just might be what you are looking for? Your child will look forward to joining each week during fun 55-minute learning time your child won’t want to miss!

Download this FREE PDF and see for yourself why we believe Arrow’s group lessons are superior to the traditional one on one lessons of the past.

Download Today – “10 Benefits Of Arrow’s Group Lessons!


You Should Expect Positive Results From Your Child’s Music Lessons!


At Arrow Academy of Music, we understand the ages of 6-8  is a “once in a lifetime” moment for learning in your child’s life. It shapes them into whom they will become. But as professional teachers, we’ve also witnessed the barriers that the traditional in-person lessons of the past could create. Causing your child to lose interest from boring, uncomfortable, and unproductive lessons.

We believe you deserve better. It’s why for the past 12 years, we’ve worked hard to create a fun and engaging group lesson format so your child will love to learn piano.

Your child’s future is too important to squander. We believe when you place your child’s future in the hands of a teacher, you deserve and should expect results from your child’s music lessons.

See Thomas Through The Years


See how the in-person and online lessons offered at Arrow Academy of Music have engaged and motivated Thomas through the years to gradually becoming a musicians. Learn how the online and in-person group lessons worked for Thomas and how they can work for your child too!

We understand you want the best for your child.

As parents ourselves, we’ve seen the impact beginner music lessons can have on a child. It shapes them into who they will become. So we understand your desire to find the best possible learning experience for your child.

We get it. It’s why at Arrow Academy, we’ve worked to remove the learning barriers that traditional music lessons can create for children when trying to learn how to play an instrument.

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Your child doesn’t need to endure week after week of boring, uncomfortable, and unproductive music lessons. But instead, receive an excellent and serious music education while having fun!

Instead they will learn while making friends and growing in confidence, not only in music concepts but by actually becoming good at their instrument and able to play.

For 55 minutes each week, your child will begin to grasp complex music concepts taught in a small group setting. Using the same core components as in-person lessons, only delivered online to your home in a fun and engaging way. Your child will learn to play their instrument individually and as part of a team, as they and their fellow students learn together. Playing the same song together while also learning solo repertoire for performances, helping them nurture their own individuality. Performing in front of others becomes easy as they will have done it every week. Friendships will be made. Friendly competition and online games using materials provided in their learning kits will help keep them engaged. And steady progress will be made in their music proficiency with periodic evaluations, words of encouragement, and individual attention when needed.

Your child can experience first-hand the joy that comes from playing music—ultimately helping them to become the person they are meant to be.

Why wait when you don’t have to?

Shape your child’s future and become the parent you want to be…or wait…and watch this moment in your child’s life simply pass by.